"Bird Words"
~  The Music of Charlie Parker with Lyrics by Anthony Proveaux  ~
Charlie Parker was one of the great musical geniuses of all time.  His originality and virtuosity on his instrument (alto
saxophone), and compositional skill is unparalleled in modern music. His legacy is the truly amazing and beautiful melodies
and solos that he wrote, played and recorded.

The exploration of Parkers music has been a great joy and challenge for instrumental musicians. But for vocalist there
have been precious few lyrics written to the songs of "Bird" and even less for his brilliant solos. (Eddie Jefferson, King
Pleasure, Bob Dorough and a few others have written material to Parker's music.)

The lyrics presented here are intended to help fill this gap and are a tribute to the spirit and genius of Bird's music. The
main criteria for writing these lyrics was to match the words to the actual sounds of the original Parker performances
while telling Birds' story.  They are for the most part told from a "present" point of view. Either from the first person (Bird
himself telling his story) or from the point of view of an excited fan spreading the word of Bird and this new happening
sound. They are intended to capture the excitement of the music and the times........ This a long term and ongoing project
and a labor of love for this Bird fan. Enjoy! ........  Bird Lives!!
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