High-End Live Stereo Recording
World class, true stereo recording, the preferred recording
method for audiophile labels such as Yarlung Records, MA  
Recordings, Mapleshade, Waterlily Acoustics & other fine
Orchestral, Jazz & Folk recordings.... For fine CD/DVD Releases
Schoeps Microphones
A matched pair of one of the world's finest microphones.
Lucid 24/96 analog to Digital Converters
Superior Quality Converters & Word Clock- 24bit/96kz Resolution  
Superb depth & clartity. Very smooth, warm sound.
Anthony Proveaux has over 25 years of professional experience
as an audio engineer, with major label and film credits. He
specializes in high-end, true stereo recording, a natural &
wonderful sound.....
 And also Affordable!
Basic Rate ~ $175 ~  includes setup and 2 hours
of recording time   
~  Additional hours are $50.
You receive entire recording on disc. Does not include mastering or 'hall' rental.    
We also offer Analog (Tape) Mastering. A classic sound!   
For More Information or Scheduling
                           ~   480 228 4636   ~  
or E-Mail ....@ anthony_proveaux@yahoo.com
Millennia Media Microphone Pre-Amps
The high end industry standard mic pre-amps.
Wonderfully Natural and Transparent Sound
For More Info.  
& Scheduling
Call or E-Mail

480 228 4639
-   Major label recording experience and we use the highest quality equipment and acoustic spaces.  -
The First choice for accurate, natural sound.
(over $5,000 per matched pair.)